Apollo Properties
Management Company

Phoenix, Arizona

Apollo Properties for everything under the sun in property management

Apollo Properties

above: Temple to Apollo, Delphi, Greece

Marketing Reports

  • Absorption/Vacancy Study: $500 (area or property specific)
  • Mini-Feasibility: $1,000 (property specific)
  • Market Overview: $3,500 (the general market in a specific area)
  • Standard Feasibility: $6,000 (property specific)

Special Projects

Expert witness testimony, information to meet unique requirements, etc. By request.

Inspection Reports

  • Pre-Purchase: $500 (review the physical condition of a property)
  • Shoppers Report: $500 (review the marketing and operations of a property)
  • Periodic Inspection: $1,000 (review property operations and maintenance)
  • Due Diligence: $7,500 (for the initial purchase of investment property)