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Phoenix, Arizona

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Apollo Properties

above: Temple to Apollo, Delphi, Greece

Although we are experts in all aspects of manufactured/factory-built housing and RV Resorts, Apollo Properties, Inc. brings a personal, owner-oriented perspective to the development and management of all types of properties. Based in the metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona area, Apollo also acts as brokerage agent and offers consultation and development research services nationwide. 

Apollo prides itself on consistently meeting the challenge of schedule and budget through a proven proactive approach to development and management that combines common sense and creativity with experience and innovation.

Our Philosophy

Professional property consulting, development and management firms bring a special service to our society by going beyond the creation and/or maintenance of beautiful and harmonious properties in the community. The existence of these firms makes a statement that the future is important and what we build and maintain today is the key to that future.

As such, the role of our firm is to:


Apollo Properties achieves these objectives through total efficiency. We have a professional organizational structure with clearly defined and proven policies. We maintain specific procedures to address a broad range of needs, regardless of whether those needs include market analysis, financial feasibility, property takeovers, etc.

The company's principals have not only the knowledge, but the practical experience to help create the best use for your property. Our Responsibilities As the guardian of the value of your property, our approach to consulting and development of your project is to formulate a program specific to your goals.

HouseOur responsibilities to you can include a broad range of planning, fiscal, legal, maintenance and administrative duties:

To assure our work is in accordance with your goals and generally accepted practices, we can also:
  • Submit detailed monthly operating statements.
  • Supervise and administer all recreational activities.
  • Conduct intensive inspections on a set, periodic basis.
  • Prepare annual operating budgets in accordance with your requirements.
  • Hire, supervise and train all on-site personnel.
  • Pay all bills and invoices for authorized expenses.
  • Collect all rents related to the property.
  • Handle all bank matters.
  • Prepare all payroll and the maintain comprehensive payroll records.